Wall Mount Remote Controller for I-ME™ LED Panel Light

Mountable Remote controller for Bluetooth LED Panel Light

$ 19.95 $ 22.95


A wall mount remote controller for I-ME™ LED Panel Light series.


  • Control I-ME™ LED Panel Lights without smartphone
  • Configure with iPhone (iOS) or Android using "Bluelight2" app
  • Dimming level & color temperature control
  • Easy to mount on a wall; wall mount is integrated with the unit
  • Uses one CR2335 battery (included)

Protocol: Bluetooth
Battery: uses one CR2335 button battery
Dimensions: 3.375 x 3.375 x 0.5" (85 x 85 x 13mm)

Wall Mount Remote Controller Instructions (PDF)

How to pair I-ME remote control with your iPhone / Android
(for wall-mount version)

  1. Open "BlueLight2" app on your iPhone / Android
  2. Go to "Adding devices" menu
  3. Now, go to I-ME remote, and hold buttons for "reduce brightness" and "increase brightness" for a few seconds.  Blue LED should start flashing. (It means that the remote is in discoverable mode for Bluetooth.)
  4. Go back to your iPhone / Android, and click "Next Step"
  5. Your I-ME remote should be listed on the discovered device list.
  6. Choose the device on the list, and click "OK" on the bottom

How to reset I-ME remote control to factory setting (how to unpair your I-ME remote with your iPhone / Android)
Find a small hole on the lower back of the remote. You need a pin to press a reset button.  Press & hold for 3 seconds.  Red & Blue LED should start flashing.

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