UFO 2.0 LED High Bay Light

DLC Premium, IP65, CRI >80, 0-10VDC dimmable

$ 39.95 $ 79.95


UFO 2.0 LED High Bay is designed to dramatically lower the high maintenance costs associated with the HID lights typically used in high-ceiling applications.
(This is a new version of Imperator LED High Bay Light.)


  • UL Listed
  • Huge energy saving: up to 135 Lumens Par Watt
  • DLC Premium (to verify, go to DLC website, search for "IMPR1-")
  • IP65: weather proof
  • CRI > 80; exceptional color rendering index
  • Eliminates the re-lamping cycle through 50,000 hours
  • 0-10VDC dimmable
  • Provides aux. 10VDC out for 0-10VDC dimmers
The LED High Bay Light is designed to replace High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting typically used in high ceiling industrial applications. But with swiveling bracket mount, its utility moves beyond the indoors to virtually any indoor lighting project.

A powerful ventilation & thermal management system enables the LED High Bay to operate for upwards of 50,000 hours. Minimum Color Rendering Index of 80 (compared to HID average CRI 25.) Our LED high bay outperforms while it outlasts.

Passive Heat Sink
As overheating is the main cause of premature electronic failure, a highly effective thermal management system is essential to the longevity of any LED light.
Our aluminum heat sink maximizes air flow with minimal added weight. This passive cooling solution also avoids the added energy and maintenance requirements presented by fan cooled systems.

Download cut sheet (PDF)

Input Voltage: 100 ~ 277VAC, Power Factor: >0.9, Beam angle: 90°, Color temperature: 5,000K, CRI: Ra > 80, Dimming control: 0-10VDC dimming, IP rating: IP65, Certifications: DLC premium, UL Listed, Working Temperature: -20 ~ +45°C Mounting method: Hanging hook

Wattage Lumens
100 Watt 13,500lm
150 Watt 20,550lm
200 Watt 27,000lm
240 Watt 32,640lm

100 Watt

150 Watt

200 Watt

240 Watt

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