OWL X Outdoor LED Flood Light (IP66, IK08)

977 lumens, compares to 50 Watt Halogen Quartz

$ 15.95


Owl X is ideal for stairs, pathways, garages, and other building exteriors.
Each unit offers remarkable energy and maintenance savings compared to traditional HID lighting, providing an economically-sensitive retrofit solution to reduce your operating costs.

Owl X is our exclusive series of outdoor LED flood lights, ideal for replacing the inefficient High Intensity Discharge (HID) floods over stairs, parking lots, garages, tunnels, or any other building exterior.  Our waterproof IP66 & IK08 LED flood light delivers outstanding brightness, efficiency and longevity.

Each unit is fully backed by LED Waves’ 3 year warranty. Stop wasting time and money on outdated HID floods with high Wattage and high failure rates! Upgrade to the Owl X Outdoor LED Wall Pack and enjoy what's out there.


Protection Rating: Protection class: IP66, impact rating: IK08, UL
Warranty: 3 years

Input voltage: 100~277VAC

Buyer's Guide (PDF)

Compare each model

Model Lumens
10 Watt 1,000 lm
20 Watt 2,000 lm
30 Watt 3,000 lm
50 Watt 5,000 lm
100 Watt 10,000 lm
150 Watt 17,250 lm
200 Watt 23,000 lm

* Halogen Quartz; typically used in security light fixtures
** High Intensity Discharge technology; includes Metal Halide (MH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Mercury Vapor (MV)

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