California MR16 LED Light Bulb

A 7 Watt replacement for a 40 Watt halogen MR16

$ 13.95 $ 26.95


  • A 7 Watt replacement for a 40 Watt halogen MR-16
  • No UV or infrared radiation
  • Revolutionary heat sink increases air circulation
  • Made in the USA

The California (CA) LED MR16 is a 7 Watt replacement for a 40 Watt halogen spot light bulb, made in the USA exclusively by LED Waves.
This bulb is built with Cree XT-E LEDs to ensure higher flux, efficacy and light quality.  And with its 12V GU5.3 bipin base, our LED MR16 is ready to replace energy-wasting halogen bulbs in virtually every low-volt system - in galleries, track lighting, cable lighting, kitchen coves, display cases, you name it!


Do not use with wall-dimmer switches.
This bulb is compatible with 12 Volt magnetic transformers.
May not be compatible with some electronic low-voltage (12V) transformers designed for halogen bulbs.
This bulb is for indoor use only. Do not use in sealed/enclosed fixtures.

Download cutsheet for CA MR16
Download Intertek test report for CA MR16

Brightness: 409 Lumens (Neutral White)
Wattage: 7 Watts
Compares to: 40 Watt halogen MR16
LED Chip: Cree XLamp XT-E LEDs (3 LEDs)
Beam spread: 25°, 40°
Lamp holder:  GU5.3
Voltage: 12 Volt AC & DC (Not compatible with some electronic low-voltage transformers)
Color Rendering Index (CRI): > 80 for Warm White and Neutral White, > 75 for Cool White
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Housing: Aluminum, PVC

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