A11 Globe Dimmable LED Light Bulb (clearance)

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This is a clearance sale Item.  All Clearance items are final. No returns, no exchanges, no refunds.  This product won't be restocked.

This LED MR16 bulb uses five Nichia LEDs designed to maximize light output and life span while minimizing power consumption (total power consumption: 6 Watts).  They are also designed to last 50,000 hours! The Delphi is CE and RoHS certified. Compares to 25W incandescent bulb.

Can be dimmed with incandescent dimmer.
This LED light bulb is 10% to 100% dimmable using a
incandescent dimmer.

Dimming module compatibility
• Dimmer's minimum load wattage should be 35 Watt or lower.
• Make sure that dimmer type is incandescent dimmer.
Lutron Nova incandescent dimmer (model # N-600, N-1000, N-1500 and N-2000) is recommended to use with this LED light bulb.
Note: LED light bulbs are not dimmable unless it is noted.

Cutsheet (PDF)
IES file


  • This bulb is compatible with 12 Volt magnetic transformers and 12V DC electronic transformers.
  • This bulb may not be compatible with 12V AC electric transformers.
  • Do not use this LED bulb in sealed fixtures.
  • Do not use with dimmers. LED light bulbs are not dimmable unless it is noted.

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