The Big Boy: Superior HID Replacement for Wall Packs

The Big Boy: Superior HID Replacement for Wall PacksThe Big Boy was designed for an industrial client dissatisfied with the use of HID bulbs in wall packs. While LED technology promised higher lumens per wattage and superior quality of light, no LED replacement bulbs on the market seemed to live up to their claims of longevity. The problem was in the legacy: standard E40 connectors concentrate heat from the power source within a small surface area, leading to overheating and premature failure in LEDs.

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Recognizing the need for a retrofit rather than another LED replacement, our R&D team created the Big Boy from the ground up. It features a broad metal plate in place of the E40 connector. This revolutionary design fortifies the unit through fewer fracture points, reduces bulk compared to LED E40 bulbs, and frees up more of the form to the actual light source. Most importantly of all, its expansive surface area dissipates heat more effectively – allowing the Big Boy’s LEDs to perform to their full long-lasting, energy-saving potential.

  • Built with Philips LUXEON LEDs
  • 50,000 hours minimum at more than 70% initial lumens
  • Solid aluminum connector is 0.5” at thickest point

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