STAR LED Cable Lighting Kit

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Sale ends 4/30/2017

The Star LED Cable Track Light system features adjustable spotlights suspended along parallel cables for an airy, modern look. Each kit includes MR16 light fixtures (your choice of style and quantity), one MR16 LED bulb per fixture, a 12v dimmable or non-dimming power supply, and all the mounting accessories needed for unlimited installation possibilities! Need a customized cable track lighting configuration? Contact us for help creating your kit.

BUYER'S GUIDE PDF INSTRUCTIONS PDF Fixtures, accessories & hardware
From $354.95Mars
From $354.95 OMEGA
From $354.95 ALPHA
From $354.95ZETA
From $374.95MARS Louver
From $374.95OMEGA Louver
From $374.95ALPHA Louver

From $354.95 CHI-CONE White
From $354.95 CHI-DECO White
From $354.95NEO-CONE White
From $354.95CHI-ZIGGURAT White
From $354.95 CHI-CONE Blue
From $354.95 CHI-DECO Blue
From $354.95NEO-CONE Blue
From $354.95CHI-ZIGGURAT Blue
From $354.95 CHI-CONE Green
From $354.95 CHI-DECO Cognac
From $354.95NEO-CONE Cognac
From $354.95CHI-ZIGGURAT Green
From $354.95 CHI-DECO Green
From $354.95NEO-CONE Yellow
From $354.95 CHI-DECO Red
From $354.95NEO-CONE Red

From $354.95 LAMBDA White
From $354.95 LAMBDA Blue
From $354.95 LAMBDA Cognac
From $354.95 LAMBDA Green
From $354.95 LAMBDA Yellow
From $354.95 LAMBDA Red
From $354.95 PYRAMID White
From $354.95 PYRAMID Blue
From $354.95 PYRAMID Pink