QIK Retrofit LED Light Bar Kits

DLC QPL Premium Listed
QIK Retrofit LED Light Bar Kits are DLC Premium Qualified Products.
It can be searched at DLC QPL (DLC Qualified Product List)
All the kits that are sold on our website are DLC Premium (search for "LWQR-2x2" and "LWQR-2x4".)

QIK Retrofit LED Light Bar Kit makes it easy to transform your existing 2x2'and 2x4' fluorescent troffers into long-lasting, energy saving LED fixtures. Complete kits include magnet mounted light bars and an LED driver with Quick-connect cable for fast, tool-free installation!

Size 2 Ft
(2 Bars)
2 Ft
(3 Bars)
4 Ft
(1 Bar)
4 Ft
(2 Bars)
4 Ft
(3 Bars)
Price Buy now $29.95 Buy now $37.95 Buy now $24.95 Buy now $34.95 Buy now $50.95
Lumens 3,660Lm 4,450Lm 2,817Lm 4,900Lm 7,000Lm
Lumens/W 135Lm/W 135Lm/W 135Lm/W 135Lm/W 135Lm/W
Wattage 30 Watt 40 Watt 24 Watt 40 Watt 60 Watt

LED driver: UL class 2
Input Voltage: 100 ~ 277VAC

Brochure Desc. Specs LM79 & IES Instructions


QIK Troffer Retrofit LED Light Bar Kit

$ 34.95 From $ 24.95
LED retrofit kit for troffer, DLC Premium, ETL Listed