PR25 ULTRA-THIN Baffle 4" Dimmable LED Recessed Light Kit

2 to 6 light kit, 10W per light (672 lumens ea.)

$ 35.95 $ 99.95


Includes low-profile can-less recessed ceiling light fixtures (each replaces 50 Watt halogen; 4in round aperture with 4mm deep baffle trim), serial connector cables, and a dimmable LED driver.

672 Lumens, only 10 Watts!

The 4” PR25 Slim Baffle LED Recessed Light Kit offers the soft, smooth ambience of a baffle trim downlight, with a low-profile form that’s easy to install anywhere.

The light from the PR25’s powerful LED board is diffused through a textured lens, set slightly deeper inside the ceiling (approx. 4mm) within the fixture. Concentric ridges along the baffle trim reflect light outwards while absorbing glare, resulting in soft, discreet overhead lighting.

This unique quality is ideal for ambient lighting in bedrooms,

Kit Details:

  • PR25 LED fixtures (select "Number of fixtures" from drop down menu)
  • Serial connector cables allow up to 10ft between fixtures and LED driver (Call for longer/custom lengths)
  • 1x Dimmable LED driver (Electronic low voltage dimmer is recommended. Compatible with TRIAC dimmers.)
  • 1x junction box (option)

Product Highlights
  • Dimmable LED driver (Electronic low voltage dimmer is recommended. Compatible with TRIAC dimmers.)
  • Included LED power supply delivers smooth, flicker-free light output.
  • Low profile (approximately half an inch tall) for fast, simple installation anywhere.
  • Can-free: Spring-loaded clips hold the fixture securely within your cutout holes, eliminating outdated, wasteful ceiling cans.
  • IC (Insulated Contact) rated; may be installed in ceilings with insulation.
  • Each unit uses less energy than a comparable halogen lights.

Wattage: 10W per fixture
Compares to: 50W Halogen bulb
Light Output:
Neutral white (4000K): 672 lumens per fixture
Warm white (3000K): 653 lumens per fixture
LED Chip: High-power LEDs
Beam Angle: 110°
Voltage: Dimmable LED driver: 120VAC 50/60Hz (special voltage available upon request)
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Housing: Metal baffle
Protection Rating: IC rated, ETL listed: Standard for Safety for Luminaires (UL 1598), Luminaires (CSA C22.2#250.0), Standard for Safety for Light Emitting Diode (LED) Equipment for Use in Lighting Products (UL 8750), CE, RoHS
Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ +40°C
Dimensions: diameter: 5.75" (146mm), max height: 0.95" (24mm), cutting diameter: 4" 5/8 (118mm)

LED Driver Size Chart (PDF)

LM79 reports: 3000K | 4000K
IES files: 3000K | 4000K
ETL certification: PDF

Installation manual (PDF)
Compatible Dimmer List (PDF)
LED Driver Size Chart (PDF)

PR25 installed in a hotel lobby

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