Outdoor LED Products

EZ40 Adjustable
This wall pack features rotatable LED light head. DLC QPL and rated IP65.
QIK Retrofit 180° LED E39 Bulb
This LED E39 Light Bulb makes it easy to transform metal-halide E39/E40 fixture into LED fixtures. UL Listed, DLC QPL.
Marquee X LED Flood Light
Marquee X LED Flood Light offers the rugged versatility to replace HID floods in any indoor & outdoor application.
Imperator LED High Bay
Imperator is designed to dramatically lower the high maintenance costs associated with the HID lights typically used in high-ceiling applications.

Garage LED Canopy Light
Garage is waterproof LED Canopy Light for lower ceilings, designed for indoor parking lots and and garages.
Gas Station
Gas Station is waterproof LED Canopy Light for high ceilings, designed for gas stations.
Marquee LED Flood Light
Marquee™ delivers tremendous savings on energy and replacements over traditional HID floods, combined with a rugged, streamlined design that’s versatile enough for any application.
Corn LED E39 Bulb
Corn E39 LED Light Bulb makes it easy to transform metal-halide (HID) E39 / E40 fixture into LED fixtures.

Work LED
A replacement lamp for outdoor pole, arm-mounted area and roadway fixtures. It offers uniform illumination, high efficacy, long lifespan, plus easy installation.
Owl Pack
Owl Pack™ series is a range of outdoor LED flood lights made in the USA - ideal for saving energy while improving visibility over driveways, parking garages, service stations, or any other building exterior.
LED Slide
LED Slide is a cuttable LED flexible neon rope Light.
EZ40 LED Flood Light
LED EZ40 is an all-in-one replacement for wall packs on building exteriors.

Pro Cobra LED Street Light
Pro Cobra LED Street Light collection offers better safety, reliability, and quality of light than traditional HID roadway lighting.