MIDTOWN 2.0 LED Recessed Dimmable Kit (White)

Multiple LED light kit, 9 Watt each light, dimmable

$ 110.95 $ 129.95


Includes ceiling fixtures (each 9W equiv. 50W halogen spotlight) in your choice of light color & beam spread, a dimmable LED driver and connectors.

The Midtown is a bright, dimmable LED recessed light fixture, low-profile enough for a wide range of installations. ETL approved for dry and damp locations, the Midtown is suitable in restrooms, showrooms, elevators, reception areas, and other home, hospitality, or commercial settings. Each 9 Watt fixture is comparable in brightness to a 50 Watt halogen down light.

The Midtown LED recessed light is made in the USA. Its LEDs are designed for optimum lumen maintenance while withstanding the stress of high temperatures and operating currents. This is further supported by LED Waves’ exclusive heat sink, which promotes cooling airflow to add years to the life of the unit.

Enjoy year after year of energy savings and beautiful, bright, focused illumination. With a lifespan over 50,000 hours each, these may be the only down lights you'll ever need!

  • Gimbal ring allows you to swivel the light source from -30 to +30 degrees (ideal for sloped ceilings)
  • Can-free: Spring-loaded clips hold the fixture securely within your cutout holes, eliminating outdated, wasteful ceiling cans.
  • Pairs of serial connector cables allow up to 10ft between Midtown fixtures and LED driver (Call for longer/custom lengths for hallways and other large installations)
  • Made in the USA

Kit Contents List

  • MIDTOWN LED light units (select "Number of fixtures" from drop down menu)
  • Serial connector cables (1 pair of 5ft wires per light allow up to 10ft between units; call to special order longer/custom lengths)
  • 1x Dimmable LED driver (Electronic low voltage dimmer is recommended. Compatible with TRIAC dimmers.)
  • Junction box (optional)

Cutsheet (PDF)


Neutral white (4000K): 571 lumens per fixture
Warm white (3000K): 520 lumens per fixture
Wattage: 9 Watts max. per fixture
Compares to: 50 Watt halogen MR16
Beam Spread: 8°, 15°, 30°, 45°
Color Temperatures: Warm white: 3000K, Neutral white: 4000K, Cool white: 5000K
Voltage: Dimmable LED driver: 120~277VAC 50/60Hz
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Housing: Aluminum alloy
Protection Rating: ETL listed: Standard for Safety for Luminaires (UL 1598), Luminaires (CSA C22.2#250.0), Standard for Safety for Light Emitting Diode (LED) Equipment for Use in Lighting Products (UL 8750)
Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ 50°C

Installation Manual (PDF) Download
List of compatible dimmers (PDF) Download
Connection Diagrams for Dimmable Kits (PDF) Download
ETL Certification (meets UL standards) (PDF) Download
UL Photometric Test Report (IES LM-79-2008) (PDF) Warm White, 45° | Neutral White, 45°
IES Files Warm White, 45° | Neutral White, 45°
Online UL Certification for Dimmable LED Driver (UL website) Open page

Installation Manual (PDF) Download
Connection Diagrams for Dimmable Kits (PDF) Download
ETL Certification (meets UL standards) (PDF) Download

Easy Installation Guide

Midtown - Overview

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