MARQUEE Outdoor LED Flood Light (4-Pack)

20,497 Lumens, 168 Watts, compares to 400 Watt HID

$ 490.00


"4-pack" refers to 4-units of LED modules in one fixture.

A 168 Watt LED replacement for up to 400 Watt HID lighting, the Marquee delivers huge energy and maintenance savings over floodlights typically used on building exteriors.

Each unit is DLC qualified.

The Marquee retrofit Outdoor LED Flood Light's streamlined design offers the rugged versatility to replace HID floods in any indoor/outdoor commercial, industrial, or municipal application.

Each Marquee utilizes an array of high-power Philips LEDs (24 per module) to deliver uniform high brightness over a wide wash of light. A minimum Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 70 improves safety through enhanced visibility. Our proprietary heat sink design, integrated within the weatherproof LED fixture and mounting bracket, ensures years of maintenance-free service.

  • Energy and maintenance savings
  • Mounting bracket swivels up to 316° to enable a wide range of installation
  • Rated IP65 (Totally protected against dust ingress. Protected against low pressure water jets from any direction, with limited ingress permitted.)
  • May be eligible for rebates, tax exemptions, and other rewards
  • Slip mounts are available.
Industrial and Warehouse, Retail & Commercial, Parking Lot, Garage, Tunnel, Airport, Building Exteriors, Government and Municipal, Gas Station & Convenience Store, Pedestrian & Recreation

Marquee LED vs HID Comparison Chart

Lumens Max. Wattage Lumens per Watt Lifespan* Metal Halide
Marquee 2-pack 10,028lm 83 Watt 120 lm/Watt 505,000 hrs 250 Watt
Marquee 3-pack 15,130lm 123 Watt 123 lm/Watt 505,000 hrs 380 Watt
Marquee 4-pack 20,497lm 168 Watt 120 lm/Watt 505,000 hrs 500 Watt
Marquee 6-pack 29,886lm 245 Watt 122 lm/Watt 505,000 hrs 750 Watt
Marquee 8-pack 39,782lm 330 Watt 121 lm/Watt 505,000 hrs 1,000 Watt
Marquee 10-pack 49,990lm 414 Watt 121 lm/Watt 505,000 hrs 1,250 Watt

*Calculated L70.

Wattage Comparison

Lifespan Comparison

Wattage: 168 Watt
Light Output:
20,497lm (5,000 Kelvins)
Input voltage: 100~277V 50/60Hz
Life Span (calculated L70): 505,000 hours
Protection Rating: IP65 (Outdoor Rated)
Warranty: 5 years

Cut sheet (PDF)
Installation guide (PDF) Photometric Test Report (for all versions) (PDF)
IES Files (for all versions) (ZIP file, contains IES files)

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