LED STUDIO Suspension Light

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A modular line of matte gray finished suspension light fixtures with gimbal rings. Includes energy saving LED MR16 bulbs and a LED driver.


STUDIO Suspension 1x3
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STUDIO Suspension 1x4
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STUDIO Suspension 2x3
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STUDIO Suspension 2x4
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This bulb features 8 LED chips to minimize scalloping and deliver a uniquely pleasing quality of light.

Bulbs are available in three color temperatures:
  • 2700K (Very Warm White)
  • 3000K (Warm White)
  • 4000K (Neutral White)
Choose from two beam spreads:
  • 22 degrees (Narrow)
  • 40 degrees (Wide flood)
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Buy now $19.95
Buy now $19.95
Buy now $19.95
Buy now $19.95
Buy now $19.95