LED STUDIO Recessed Light Unit (Matte Gray finish, 4x1)

$ 69.95 $ 174.95


The 4x1 LED Studio Recessed Light Unit comes with 4 LED MR16 bulbs which you can rotate to point in different directions, or straight down from the ceiling. The attached power supply connects to line voltage through BX wire.

Each of the bulbs included in the recessed fixture is a 8 Watt LED replacement for a 50 Watt halogen MR16, and is rated to last 50,000 hours.

  • MR16 light bulbs pre-installed
  • Each LED bulb uses 8 Watts; comparable to 50 Watt halogen
  • Light beam direction can be adjusted via gimbal rings
  • Fixture accepts BX wire
  • Metal enclosure with matte gray finished trim
LED MR16 bulbs of your choice
Dimmable LED MR16: 8 Watt, compares to 50 Watt halogen MR16. Can be used with compatible wall dimmer. Comes with a dimmable LED driver.
Non-Dimmable LED MR16: 7 Watt, compares to 40 Watt halogen MR16.  Comes with a non-dimmable LED driver.
I-ME RGB & Adjustable White Bluetooth MR16: It can be controlled & dimmed remotely with a smartphone via BlueLight2 app. 5 Watt max. (Smartphone required. Not to be used with dimming wall switch.)

Trim Color: Matte gray finish
Input Voltage: 115VAC 50/60Hz 

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