LED Light Bulbs

LED bulb replacements for halogen spot light bulbs.  Very low-heat output helps lower utility bills.  Ideal light bulbs for recessed cans, track lighting and more.


I-ME RGB & Adjustable Whites Bluetooth MR16 LED Bulb

$ 19.95 $ 9.95
Smartphone Controlled LED MR16, Multi-color, Adjustable White, 5 Watt

Athens MR16 LED Light Bulb (8 Watt)

$ 19.95
A 8 Watt replacement for a 50 Watt halogen MR16

California MR16 LED Light Bulb

$ 26.95 $ 13.95
A 7 Watt replacement for a 40 Watt halogen MR16

Illinois PAR30 LED Light Bulb

$ 43.95 $ 15.50
A 16 Watt replacement for a 150 Watt halogen spotlight bulb

SUPER COOL LED Corn Light Bulb

$ 77.95 From $ 38.95
LED corn bulb for HID Replacement, with cooling fan

QIK Retrofit LED E39 Light Bulb

$ 69.95 From $ 34.95
LED bulb for HID Replacement, E39 Base, UL Listed, DLC QPL

Corn LED Retrofit E39 Light Bulb

$ 49.95 From $ 17.95
LED bulb for HID Replacement, E39 base, UL Listed, DLC QPL

E39 Bulb to E26 Lamp Holder Adapter

$ 5.00
E26 Lamp Holder Adapter for E39 Light Bulbs