LED Light Bulbs

LED replacements for halogen spot light bulbs.  Very low heat output helps lower utility bills.  Ideal light bulbs for recessed cans, track lighting and more.


SUPER COOL LED Corn Light Bulb

$ 59.95 From $ 41.95
LED corn bulb for HID Replacement, with cooling fan

I-ME Adjustable Whites Bluetooth A19 E26 LED Light Bulb (8 Watt)

$ 14.95
Bluetooth LED A19 Bulb, Color Temperature Adjustable

I-ME RGB & Adjustable Whites Bluetooth MR16 LED Bulb

$ 19.95
Smartphone Controlled LED MR16, Multi-color, Adjustable White, 5 Watt

QIK Retrofit LED E39 Light Bulb

$ 69.95 From $ 47.95
LED bulb for HID Replacement, E39 Base, UL Listed, DLC QPL

Corn LED Retrofit E39 Light Bulb

$ 49.95 From $ 17.95
LED bulb for HID Replacement, E39 base, UL Listed, DLC QPL

Athens MR16 LED Light Bulb (8 Watt)

$ 19.95
A 8 Watt replacement for a 50 Watt halogen MR16

California MR16 LED Light Bulb

$ 26.95 $ 13.95
A 7 Watt replacement for a 40 Watt halogen MR16

Illinois PAR30 LED Light Bulb

$ 43.95 $ 15.50
A 16 Watt replacement for a 150 Watt halogen spotlight bulb