SMART T8 FA8 Electronic Ballast Compatible LED Tube (8ft)

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The SMART LED 8ft T8 Tube works with standard single-pin fluorescent light fixtures for fast, easy installation.

LED T8 tubes are a long-lasting, energy-efficient alternative to fluorescent lighting. Compatible with standard 8-foot fixtures with electronic ballasts – with no need for professional retrofitting – the SMART LED T8 is a money-saving lighting solution for the home or small business.

  • 45 Watt / 4,500 lumen replacement for 8-foot (96-inch) single-pin fluorescent tubes
  • Plug & Play; no need to bypass or remove existing electronic ballast 
    (However, it works best when ballast is removed, because ballast will consume electricity if not removed from the circuit.   If the fixture is powered by a magnetic ballast, this ballast MUST be removed before installing the SMART T8 Tube via direct connection to line voltage. Direct connection is recommended for optimal performance. Using this product with magnetic ballast will void warranty.)
  • Instant-on, without the warm-up time, noise, or flicker of fluorescent lighting
  • Lasts 50,000 hours
  • Backed by LED Waves’ 5 year warranty

Cut sheet (PDF)

Tube Length:
8 feet
Lamp holder: FA8 (single pin)
Brightness: 4,500 Lumens
Color Temperature: Cool white (5000K)
Wattage: 45 Watt
Beam Angle: Approx. 120°
Input Voltage: 100 ~ 277VAC 50/60Hz
Ballast compatibility: Compatible with electronic fluorescent ballast  (Magnetic ballast MUST BE removed before installing SMART T8 Tube. Using SMART T8 Tube with magnetic ballast will void warranty. Direct connection is recommended for optimal efficiency.)
Life Span: 50,000 hours

Installation Guide  (PDF, includes compatible ballast list)

Installation Guide  (PDF, includes compatible ballast list)

Warning: Read this guide before installing the LED T8 Ballast Compatible Tube;

  • This tube works with MOST T8 fixtures with electronic ballasts. Consult your LED Waves representative to ensure compatibility.
  • Turn off the power before installation.
  • Inspect your fixture(s) before installation, making sure that the T8 is the correct length, and that no sockets or lamp holders are loose or damaged.
  • Test the functionality of one T8 fixture before installing mass quantities.

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