SKYLIGHT Ultra-Thin DLC LED Panel Light

SKYLIGHT Ultra-Thin LED Panel Light is UL listed and DLC Qualified to ensure safety and reliability.
Each unit is rated to last over 50,000 hours, compatible with 0-10VDC dimmers.

2x2' Skylight, DLC Premium

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2x4' Skylight, DLC

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Suspension Kit
9.8 feet Buy Now $5.50
19.5 feet Buy Now $7.50
Flush Mount Kit
2x2' Buy Now $17.25
1x4' Buy Now $17.25
2x4' Buy Now $34.50
Stand Off Bracket Mount Kit
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Sheet Rock Recessed Mount Kit
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Emergency Backup System
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Exclusive Extrusion System
Our exclusive extrusion system allows for you to place the supports anywhere.