SKYLIGHT Ultra-Thin Side-lit LED Panel Light

5 year warranty, DLC QPL and UL Listed The SKYLIGHT Ultra-Thin Side-lit LED Panel Light is UL listed and DLC Qualified to ensure safety and reliability. Each unit is rated to last over 50,000 hours, compatible with 0-10VDC dimmers, and comes backed by LED Waves’ 5 year warranty.
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Exclusive Extrusion System

Our exclusive extrusion system allows placing the supports anywhere. (Applied)

Flush Mount Kit

Interlocking frame and fasteners secure the panel directly against the ceiling, eliminating the need to make ceiling cutouts.

Stand Off Bracket Mount Kit

Great for mounting the panel onto a ceiling or a wall, L-shaped brackets hold the fixture approximately one inch from the surface.

Sheet Rock Recessed Mount Kit

Spring-loaded clips hold the fixture inside a ceiling cutout. Suitable for plasterboard, sheet rock and gypsum board.