I-ME™ Bluetooth LED Panel Light

Smartphone controlled LED panel, color temperature adjustable & dimmable

$ 39.95 $ 92.50



I-ME™ (Illumination Made Easy) is a Smartphone App Controlled LED Panel Light.

The new low-profile LED panel light pairs super bright LEDs with highly efficient light-smoothing optics to deliver superior illumination and energy savings year after year. Each unit is a complete light fixture replacement for a fluorescent troffer.
Combined with an installation-friendly slim profile (approx. half an inch tall), it is perfect for work space that requiring high quality ambient lighting.

  • Can be controlled with iPhone (iOS) and Android using Bluelight2 app
  • Dimmable & color temperature adjustable by using Bluelight2 app
  • Uses Bluetooth
  • Can be used with a wall ON/OFF switch; it would remember last Color temp. setting
  • Easy installation, with additional mounting options available
  • UL Listed, Type-IC (IC rated)
  • Remote controllers sold separately

LED Panel User's Guide (PDF)
Remote Controller Manual (PDF)
Wall Mount Remote Controller Manual (PDF)

Wattage: 2x2' model: 40 Watt,
1x4' model: 40 Watt,
2x4' model: 50 Watt
Brightness (at 4000K):
2x2' model: 4,140 Lumens,
1x4' model: 4,120 Lumens,
2x4' model: 5,150 Lumens
Color Temperature: Adjustable by using Bluelight2 app, between 3000K to 5000K
dimmable by using Bluelight2 app
> 80
Power Factor: > 0.9
Beam Angle: 110°
LED chip count:
2x2' model: 240pcs,
1x4' model: 240pcs,
2x4' model: 384pcs
Input Voltage: 100~277VAC 50/60Hz
Rating: UL listed, Type IC (IC rated)

LED Panel User's Guide (PDF)
Remote Controller Manual (PDF)
Wall Mount Remote Controller Manual (PDF)

Suspension unit installed in office

Suspension unit installed in office

Installed within drop ceiling

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