FLEX II LED Track Lighting Kit

The Flex II LED Track system features adjustable spotlights suspended from a cuttable, flexible track. Each kit includes MR16 light fixtures (your choice of style and quantity), one LED MR16 bulb per fixture, a 12V dimmable or non-dimming power supply, and all the mounting accessories needed for unlimited installation possibilities! Need a customized LED track lighting configuration? Contact us for help creating your kit.

Flex II fixtures, accessories & hardware
From $151.95 OMEGA
From $151.95 ALPHA
From $151.95EPSILON
From $158.95OMEGA Louver
From $158.95ALPHA Louver
From $158.95EPSILON Louver
From $151.95ZETA
From $151.95PI
From $151.95 DELTA Frosted
From $151.95 DELTA Cobalt
From $151.95DELTA Cognac

From $151.95 CHI-CONE White
From $151.95 CHI-DECO White
From $151.95NEO-CONE White
From $151.95CHI-ZIGGURAT White
From $151.95 CHI-CONE Blue
From $151.95 CHI-DECO Blue
From $151.95NEO-CONE Blue
From $151.95CHI-ZIGGURAT Blue
From $151.95 CHI-CONE Green
From $151.95 CHI-DECO Cognac
From $151.95NEO-CONE Cognac
From $151.95CHI-ZIGGURAT Green
From $151.95 CHI-DECO Green
From $151.95NEO-CONE Yellow
From $151.95 CHI-DECO Red
From $151.95NEO-CONE Red

From $151.95 LAMBDA White
From $151.95 LAMBDA Blue
From $151.95 LAMBDA Cognac
From $151.95 LAMBDA Green
From $151.95 LAMBDA Yellow
From $151.95 LAMBDA Red
From $151.95 PYRAMID White
From $151.95 PYRAMID Blue
From $151.95 PYRAMID Pink