Fixtures & Accessories for Star LED Cable Lighting

Fixtures, mounting hardware & accessories for Star Cable Lighting systems.
Individual fixtures
From $354.95 Mars
From $354.95 OMEGA
From $354.95 ALPHA
From $354.95 ZETA
From $374.95 MARS Louver
From $374.95 OMEGA Louver
From $374.95 ALPHA Louver

Individual Glass fixtures
Buy now $29.95 CHI-CONE
Buy now $29.95 CHI-DECO
Buy now $29.95 NEO-CONE
Buy now $29.95 CHI-ZIGGURAT

Individual Glass suspension fixtures
Buy now $29.95 LAMBDA White
Buy now $29.95 LAMBDA Blue
Buy now $29.95 LAMBDA Cognac
Buy now $29.95 LAMBDA Green
Buy now $29.95 LAMBDA Yellow
Buy now $29.95 LAMBDA Red
Buy now $29.95 PYRAMID White
Buy now $29.95 PYRAMID Blue
Buy now $29.95 PYRAMID Pink

LED light bulbs

This Energy Star rated bulb features 8 LED chips to minimize scalloping and deliver a uniquely pleasing quality of light.

Bulbs are available in three color temperatures:
  • 3000K (Warm White)
  • 4000K (Neutral White)
Choose from two beam spreads:
  • 22 degrees (Narrow)
  • 40 degrees (Wide flood)
Buy now $19.95
Buy now $19.95
Buy now $19.95
Buy now $19.95

Hardware and accessories
From $20.95 Uninsulated Cable
From $20.95 Insulated Cable
Buy now $22.95 Power Feed
Buy now $40.95 Eco Pack Mounting Hardware
Buy now $53.95 Deluxe Mounting Hardware
Buy now $58.95 Corner turns
Buy now $124.95 Eagle Mounting Hardware
Buy now $26.95 Horizontal Support
Buy now $27.95 ISO Mounting Hardware
Buy now $6.50 Honeycomb Louver
Buy now $32.95 Stand-off Post

LED Drivers
Buy now $122.95

Magnetic Dimmable LED PS (60 Watt)
Buy now $153.95

Magnetic Dimmable LED PS (100 Watt)
Buy now $161.95

Magnetic Dimmable LED PS (150 Watt)
Buy now $104.95

Decorative LED Transformer (75 Watt)