EZ40 Adjustable LED Wall Pack

LED Waves' EZ40 Adjustable LED Wall Pack Lights improve visibility and enhance security in poorly lit building exteriors. Designed as an all-in-one replacement for inefficient HIDs, our 40W and 80W models cast a lot of light to provide superior lighting capabilities with a longer, reliable lifespan.
EZ40 Adjustable LED Wall Packs are made with an LED light source that includes a wide, heat-dissipating plate, instead of an E40 screw base: With this expanded point of contact, the LED EZ40 delivers over 50,000 maintenance-free hours of bright, high quality light.
Easy to install and operate, our weather-resistant, aluminum-housed EZ40 Exterior Wall Pack Security fixtures are mercury-free, and are engineered to guarantee worry-free operation.

40 Watt

80 Watt