Massachusetts PAR36 LED Light Bulb (12 Volt, clearance)

$ 64.95


This is a clearance item.

  • Extremely bright: 1500 lumens (5250 Center Beam Candlepower)
  • Only 18 Watt, replaces 75 Watt halogen bulb!
  • 12V DC / AC (50/60Hz) input
  • Made in the USA
Its futuristic look, enhanced beam control, and pleasant, non-glaring light make the PAR36 indispensable for certain niche applications. Also known as a PAR36, this 12 Volt light bulb is commonly used in shops, hotels, galleries, restaurants, and other commercial spaces.

    With its G53 “push and turn” screw terminal base, this LED bulb is directly retrofitted for low-volt lighting systems. Issues with halogen PAR36s include short lifespan (~2,000 hours) and extremely high operating temperatures. The MA LED PAR36 is rated to last 30,000 hours (max. 30% lumen depreciation). And since LED bulbs emit very little heat from the light source, re-lamping will be a simple & painless - yet rarely occurring - experience.
    Previous LED PAR36 replacements have featured disappointing light output and quality. The MA uses an MT-G2 LED – the latest advancement from Cree – to deliver superior performance while maintaining more than 400% efficacy over halogen PAR36s. The MT-G2 is the first chip to combine Cree’s EasyWhite and SC3 technologies, giving the MA LED PAR36 clean, commercial-quality bright light, with crisp edges from a single light source.
    For a high impact, low Wattage lighting solution, replace your halogen AR111/PAR36 bulbs with the MA LED PAR36 – made with pride in the USA.


    • This bulb is compatible with 12 Volt low-voltage magnetic transformers.
    • May not be compatible with some electronic low-voltage (12V AC) transformers designed for halogen bulbs.
    • Do not use this LED bulb in sealed fixtures.

    Brightness: 1500 Lumens  Wattage: 18 Watt  Compares to: 75-Watt halogen PAR36 (AR111) LED Chip: Cree MT-G2 high-power LED  Lamp holder: G53  Voltage: 12 Volt DC and 12V AC (50/60Hz) (Not compatible with some electronic low-voltage transformers)


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