Flex II Female Transformer (Satin Nickel finish, Electric 12V, 150W / 300W)

$ 80.95


Product description
Free flowing. We are very proud of this new technology evolved by our Tech Design Team. It's silent, small (4.25" high by 4.25" wide) and lightweight. Plus, our Flex II Track runs right through it, giving you a neat, clean, modern look! Let it flow.
Compatible with Flex II track lighting system. (Halogen 12 Volt bulbs only, NOT for Flex II system with LED bulbs.)
Note: This transformer can only be used with 5-inch stems! For other stem length, please use other 12 Volt transformers.

  • Electric AC transformer
  • For halogen 12V MR16 or bi-pin bulbs only
  • NOT designed for LED bulbs
  • Flex II track flows through it
  • Compatible with low-voltage electric dimmers (halogen bulbs only, do not use with LED bulbs)
  • Designed to be used with 5-inch stems
Please note: This product is NOT designed for LED products, which do not accept 12V AC (Alternating Current) power. 

Input: 120V AC, Output:  12VAC, 150 Watt or 300 Watt max.

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