A15 Globe Dimmable LED Light Bulb (clearance)

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This is a clearance sale Item.  All Clearance items are final. No returns, no exchanges, no refunds.  This product won't be restocked.

This 5.5-Watt LED bulb can replace a 40 Watt incandescent bulb!

CE marking RoHS compliant product.
Can be dimmed with incandescent dimmer!  This LED light bulb is 10% to 100% dimmable using a incandescent dimmer.


Dimming module compatibility
• Dimmer's minimum load wattage should be 35 Watt or lower.
• Make sure that dimmer type is incandescent dimmer.
• Lutron Nova incandescent dimmer (model # N-600, N-1000, N-1500 and N-2000) is recommended to use with Miletus LED light bulbs.

Note: LED light bulbs are not dimmable unless it is noted.


  • This bulb is compatible with 12 Volt magnetic transformers and 12V DC electronic transformers.
  • This bulb may not be compatible with 12V AC electric transformers.
  • Do not use this LED bulb in sealed fixtures.
  • Do not use with dimmers. LED light bulbs are not dimmable unless it is noted.

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