Showcase: MCI Warehouse December 14, 2016 10:14

MCI Warehouse
Beaver, WV

The Project
MCI is an energy provider with operations based in Beaver, West Virginia. Their sprawling mixed-use industrial facility employed high pressure sodium high bay lights installed along the ceiling. This ballasted lighting technology is notorious for low color rendering (CRI 30) and overall poor visibility, as you can see in these orange-hued installation photos. At 400 Watts per unit, these high bays made for high electric bills! In addition, the average operating life of one year per unit, combined with the scaffolding and skilled labor required to access the burnt-out fixtures along the facility’s tall ceilings, contributed to extremely high relamping costs.

LED Waves’ Involvement
We swapped out the old HPS lights in MCI’s warehouse with the Andromeda XM-L LED high bay. These rugged replacements are made in the USA using Cree XM-L chips - designed to boost efficacy at the high drive currents (277VAC) used by MCI and other facilities in the industrial sector. Each unit is supported by the CNC extruded aluminum heat sink we designed for the Andromeda.

Thanks to our LED high bay, the lighting electric bills for this facility have been cut in half! Each Andromeda uses less than half the Wattage (189 Watts) of the existing HPS high bay. And since LED technology is directional, the Andromeda actually transmits more useful light to the workspace below. This takes the efficiency of high bay replacements to the next level.

MCI warehouse employees were quick to notice the vastly superior color rendering and overall quality of light, as evidenced in the bright, clean white beams in these un-retouched After pictures. The facility managers are sure to appreciate the extremely long operating life of each unit backed by LED Waves’ 5 year warranty.

Products Used

  • Andromeda XM-L LED High Bay (40-LED array, 5700K)

Before the installation:
Before installing Andromeda LED High Bay units

After the installation:


Showcase: Driscoll Babcock Gallery March 19, 2015 10:46

Showcase: Driscoll Babcock Gallery
New York, NY

The Project
The oldest gallery in New York is now the newest gallery in Chelsea, as Driscoll Babcock recently shed its midtown Manhattan address. For their new 5,000 square foot location, they sought out a discrete overhead solution to provide bright, wide-focused light – imbued with color clarity and integrity.

LED Waves' Involvement
LED Specialist Tim Hollinger partnered with the gallery on their new space, recommending the Midtown LED Recessed Light, in neutral white (4000K), for the bulk of this project.
The gallery installed 62 of these down lights. At just over 8 Watts per fixture, that’s under 520 Watts of energy used for a space that, with traditional 50W halogen spots, may have consumed up to 3,100 Watts! And as the spot lighting demands may change with the exhibitions, the light direction of each Midtown can be adjusted manually with a simple tap.
Accenting the rest of the facility are LED PAR lamps and some LED flexible strips.
We were especially pleased that the gallery’s designers liked these spot lights because they’re made exclusively by our crew here in Brooklyn. New York’s newest lighting technology inside New York’s oldest gallery? It’s quite fitting for the city so nice they named it twice.

Products Used
  • Midtown High Power LED Recessed Light
  • Chicago 2.0 Dimmable PAR30 LED Light Bulb
  • New York 2.0 Dimmable PAR38 LED Light Bulb
  • Amazon Waterproof Flexible LED Light Strip


Showcase: Zen Garage March 19, 2015 10:46

Zen Garage
Paradise Valley, AZ

The Project
For his 60th birthday, homeowner Allen Sunderman dreamed of a peaceful, contemplative haven in which to enjoy his cars. GarageMahals (builders of custom luxury garages; based in Scottsdale, AZ) worked with him to create this modern monastery. In a balance that could be described as “Now and Zen,” the 900 square foot garage now houses an entertaining area (featuring a flat screen television and Eastern artwork) and a kitchenette - in addition to Sunderman’s three cars.

LED Waves’ Involvement
We provided some discrete LED lighting solutions to help GarageMahals’ Michael carry out his design philosophy that “Nothing is seen, but what is meant to be seen.”
The ceilings are dotted with Midtown LED Recessed Lights. These low-profile downlights, specified in 4000K, produce high brightness with minimal glare. The gentle glow accentuates the curves and colors of Sunderman’s prized vehicles.
Spools of LED Waves’ Rio Grande LED light strips line the Eastern-inspired stonework in the kitchen area. The brightness of these accent lights can be changed using a DMX controller.
Despite the size and scope of LED lighting technology used, this project didn’t break the bank: It came out as the most modestly priced entry in the Wall Street Journal’s roundup covering a growing trend of luxury garages. Sunderman’s was also the only garage constructed without resale value in mind; he plans to enjoy this tranquil space himself for years to come, thanks in part to long-lasting LEDs.
Automotives may seem incongruent with Zen philosophy, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive for this birthday wish come true.

Products Used
Midtown LED Recessed Light
Rio Grande Waterproof High Power LED Strip Light

Showcase: Michael Mina's Clock Bar March 19, 2015 10:44

Michael Mina’s Clock Bar
San Francisco, CA

The Project
Clock Bar, celebrity chef Michael Mina’s latest San Francisco venture, chimes grandly across the street from his eponymous restaurant in Westin St. Francis. The recipient of Bon Appetit’s 2005 Chef of the Year Award, Mina has lavished Clock Bar with the timeless contours of a world class timepiece and the neo-mod sophistication of a hip lounge. Chic guests nosh on decadent “finger” fare such as black truffle popcorn and Mina’s famous tune tartare as they recline on plush leather-tuffeted chesterfield couches.
Two softly glowing columns made from hand-blown glass add a luminous elegance to a room adorned with clockwork grooves, art deco vents, and digital rotating timepieces. At the bar, droplet lights dangle from a striped ceiling like black tics on a colossal grandfather clock as world class mixologists concoct cocktails with Mina’s signature whimsical flair!

LED Waves' Involvement
Working with designer Johnson Light Studio, we supplied Michael Mina’s Clock Bar with color-changing flexible LED strips that wrap a warm halo of cove lighting around the lounge’s striated ceiling. Vertical LED light strips add more sizzle under the lounge’s polished bar counter.

Warm white Amazon Waterproof strip lights glow next to mirrors and cherrywood panels, accentuating arching rosewood shelves behind the eclectic bar.

Products Used

  • RGB Flexible Water-proof LED Strip Light
  • Amazon Waterproof LED Light Strip (warm white)
Credits Links


Showcase: Hilfman Music March 19, 2015 10:44

Hilfman Music
Topanga, California

 California-based musician Greg Hilfman has collaborated with a long list of notable figures, including the Bangles, Air Supply, Bette Midler – and, recently, LED Waves! Our LED Specialist (and fellow music enthusiast) James was eager to provide overhead lighting for the newly built Hilfman Music Studio.

The 800 square foot space features modern architecture rendered in natural materials to create a cozy yet contemporary bohemian atmosphere. Unfinished wood beams, glass and stone tiles complement Hilfman’s state of the art recording equipment and LED lighting system, in a stunning marriage of old and new.

The ceiling posed a bit of a challenge, with its pitched roof and the addition of overhead sound proofing. Flex II LED track lighting to the rescue! Hilfman suspended the flexible track from the ceiling and positioned the LED fixtures to weave beams of light around and between the sound proof boards. A few custom cut ceiling stems offer an effortless workaround for the pitched ceilings.

In the interest of preserving the beautiful wood ceilings, this entire LED track lighting system is surface mounted – including the decorative power supply, installed on a nearby wall. The track can be reshaped into different new configurations, and the light fixtures themselves may be repositioned as desired. Combined with the 50,000 hour lifespan of the LED bulbs, this lighting system will meet the changing needs of Hilfman Music for years to come. Long live rock & roll!

Credits: Hilfman Music

Products Used


  • Flex II LED Track Lighting Kits (assorted fixtures)
  • Decorative LED Transformer
  • Pitched Ceiling Stems



Showcase: Americas Restaurant March 19, 2015 10:43

Americas Restaurant
Houston, TX

Americas Restaurant is a world-class, multi-level restaurant whose interiors - designed collaboratively by Chicago architect Jordan Mozer, Sun Hee Lim of Johnson Light Studio, and Elise N. Lee of Studio GAIA - borrow elements and colors from Incan artifacts and mythology. Stone-like walls resemble the mythical mountains of Machu Picchu while natural elements of slate, marble, and mesquite are integrated seamlessly into the general interior decor. The menu is every bit as adventurous, drawing on the foods and cooking techniques of North, Central, and South America to create one New World Cuisine!

LED Waves’ Involvement
Lighting designer Sun Hee Lim wanted to establish a sizzling atmosphere that uniquely and effectively reflects the vivacity of Americas' menu. We provided line voltage neon LED rope lights to be used throughout the dining area. As the adjacent photographs show, Lim’s choice has indeed established. And considering that the colorful LEDs inside can work for up to 100,000 hours while using a small fraction of the energy consumed by inefficient alternatives, the neon LED rope light is a win-win for Americas Restaurant!

  • Lighting Designer: Sun Hee Lim, Johnson Light Studio
  • Interior Designer: Elise N. Lee (Studio GAIA)

Red LED neon light used under seating area

Red LED neon light used under the table

Showcase: UNIQLO Soho Store in New York City March 19, 2015 10:43

UNIQLO Soho Store
New York, NY

The Project
 Dropped into Manhattan's stylish SoHo neighborhood in 2006, UNIQLO's flagship U.S. store is a virtual walk-in closet for urban trendsetters and cost-conscious fashionistas. Affectionately dubbed "The Japanese GAP," UNIQLO is Japan's leading retail clothing chain, with over 750 stores in Asia, Europe and North America. Inside the loft-style SoHo store is a polychromatic panorama of perfectly-stacked sweaters, ocean blue denims, and shiny down vests straight from Tokyo's hippest fashion districts.
To greet shoppers, store designers envisioned a stellar centerpiece by the entrance: a giant glass box sheathed under a canopy of dazzling blue lights. Inside the display, cosmos-ready mannequins clad in colorful fleece and space-age visors pose on and dangle over an illuminated glass floor - an inspired diorama for customers ready to take a quantum leap into fashion!

LED Waves’ Involvement
We customized a net of LED lights that drape over the store's central display like ice-blue bars on a glass cage. Walk further into UNIQLO's hardwood floor interior and patrons could spy more chicly-dressed mannequins — modish models poised like space cadets in front of gradient panels studded with pinpoints of blue LEDs. This innovative application of custom net lights blends futurism with fashion in a synergy of LED previously unseen!

UNIQLO SOHO store Website


Showcase: Ice Center at Cupertino March 18, 2015 16:43

Ice Center at Cupertino
Cupertino, CA

The Project
At the Ice Center at Cupertino, blades of steel glide over paved ice as children and adults alike enjoy the wide-open thrill of an Olympic-sized skating venue. The largest skating school in the San Francisco Bay Area, students can start in the Center's Introductory Class and progress through Freestyle levels. For a more personalized experience, private lessons by world-class instructors can transform novice skaters into pirouetting ice princesses.
In the spirit of competition, year-round puck action rumbles rink boards as the Ice Center buzzes with ice hockey games for in-house and travel teams.

LED Waves' Involvement
We provided the Ice Center at Cupertino with powerful LED streetlights that illuminate the skating venue's outdoor stairwell with the grace and vibrance of a thousand stars on ice. The high-traffic zone now scores a perfect 6.0 for safety, with each individual LED lamp shining 12,600 outstanding lumens onto every step and crevice of the stairway.
The heatless streetlights won't melt this ice party, as the energy efficient lights conserve kilowatts while preventing injuries by equipment-decked patrons!



Showcase: Esquire North-The Ultimate Bachelor Pad March 18, 2015 16:35

Esquire North - The Ultimate Bachelor Pad
New York, NY

The Project
A space commensurate to his taste: the Ultimate Bachelor Pad. Esquire Magazine has always had its finger on the pulse of the Modern Man. In 2007, it once again proved this by creating its fifth Signature Space in New York City. Dubbed Esquire North, this Pad is a stunning multi-million dollar triplex penthouse atop the Athena Group's newly erected high-rise building known as 111 Central Park North. The Pad's "new view" - looking south over the park and Midtown Manhattan - can be admired from behind 22-foot floor-to-ceiling windows, two spacious outdoor terraces, and another two balconies.
Throughout Esquire North's ten rooms, lifestyle marketers worked closely with leading interior designers to seamlessly integrate products throughout the Pad's ten rooms that reflect the modern man's taste in style, design, and technology. Perhaps the most exciting of these rooms is the Game Room, wherein LED lighting was used to create a highly stylized gaming atmosphere.

LED Waves' Involvement
We provided vibrant, 12v color-changing LED light bars, along with an RGB remote controller, for the Game Room's entrance. 120v amber LED rope lights line the walls and ceilings inside, creating a cyber-burst of tangerine-tinged electricity. Because of its efficiency and class, the inclusion of LED lighting makes The Game Room an exciting experiment in the union of pleasure and practicality.

Showcase: krem March 18, 2015 16:25

Chicago, IL

The Project
Club designers Ben Galatz, Mike Bowen, and Zachary Armintrout set out to create the crème de la crème of hip lounges, and that they did. krem injects a cool blast of frosted futurism to trendy North Clark Street near Chicago’s north shore. Their vision: Chill with your cocktail on krem’s low, white modern leather sofas that glow-in-the-dark under icy blue LED neon lights. Get funky on the dance floor as the club’s energy-master DJ spins electronica or hip-hop, then drop by krem’s handy champagne bar where complementary handmade truffles accompany every order! Finally, when you need a breather, sink onto krem’s 32-foot long lounge bed and you’ll swear you are floating on a snow-white raft in a neon blue sea.

LED Waves' Involvement
We helped create the futuristic, late-night wonderland that is krem by advising and providing the colors and lengths of 120 volt LED rope lighting specified by club’s designers. Threads of scintillating LEDs bounce frosty blue hues from corners, columns, and sofas. Ambient white strands of LED light wrap around krem’s shiny, navy blue bar, a refreshing retreat for diehard Chicago night-owls who are now even more eclectic and electric thanks to LED Waves!

Showcase: Prospect Park March 18, 2015 16:09

The Project
When Mayor Michael Bloomberg flipped the switch on November 27, 2006 to officially light Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in a scintillating simulation of snow cover; he welcomed New York City to a new era of LED-powered energy efficiency. At 585 acres, Prospect Park is Brooklyn’s elegant and expansive answer to Central Park.

In 2006, the Prospect Park Alliance created the Prospect Park in Lights project, funded by a donation to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City from the New York Daily News. Engineered by Carla White and Jim Conti, an Associate Professor of Interior Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, this large-scale LED lighting project encompassed four of Prospect Park's entrances and used almost 600,000 LEDs.

LED Waves’ Involvement
We designed and produced every inch of custom net and string LED lighting for the Alliance's ambitious project. Chosen for their low-energy consumption and crystalline shimmer, the custom-made LED lights blanketed four of the park’s entrances through January 7, 2007 — a blue and white spectacle of LED icicles!


  • Project Manager: Carla White
  • Lighting Designer: Jim Conti
  • LED Source: Light Waves Concept
  • Installation: Bestek Lighting & Staging



Showcase: Citygarden (St. Louis, MO) March 18, 2015 15:38

St. Louis, MO

Citygarden (St. Louis, MO) Photographer: Steve Hall of HedrichBlessing
We are delighted to play a small part in the creation of Citygarden, a beautiful garden project that will augment the great city of St. Louis for generations to come, providing its citizens with a gorgeous place to relax and enjoy the fine arts, right in the heart of downtown.

Here is how landscape architects Nelson Byrd Woltz describe the project on their website:

“Citygarden is a three-acre, two block sculpture garden that opened to the public on July 1, 2009. Donated by the Gateway Foundation to the City of St. Louis, the Garden is free and open to the public at all hours, unbound by perimeter fences or gates, and contains no signs prohibiting the touching of sculpture.

The design derives from the cultural and natural histories of St. Louis and its environs. Acknowledging its position in the heart of the Gateway Mall a few blocks west of the noble Arch and the Mississippi River, the Garden is structured in three precincts delineated by two walls. The northern precinct represents the river bluffs and is most urban in character. The café is located here. The middle precinct represents the low floodplain. The southern precinct represents the cultivated river terraces with its lush gardens. The most pronounced design gesture is a 550-foot long arcing wall of Missouri limestone that defines the edge between the urban precinct and the grassy ‘floodplain’. Evoking the geologically expressive bends and bluffs of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, the wall is constructed of 1200 blocks of locally quarried stone. More information here: Joint venture with Studio | Durham Architects, St. Louis, MO.”

LED Waves’ Involvement
LED string lights are ideal for this kind of application, since they last for years (even in the fairly extreme St. Louis weather) and use very little electricity. They are also lighter than traditional string lights and look great as an accent for treescapes. We furnished both custom color and custom length to decorate a total of 22 trees. Lighting designer Fisher Marantz Stone used 15-foot runs for each of the 22 tree trunks and a total of 76 10-foot runs for branches. The color temperature was set for a 3500K~4000K range to balance warmth and optimize lumens.

We heartily recommend that you check out the project page on the Nelson Byrd Woltz site; there are some amazing photos, some of them showing the famous Arch in the background. Here is a picture of our contribution – the LED string lights on the trees in the background.

Designer:  Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects
Architecture:  Studio Durham Architects
Lighting Design:  Fisher Marantz Stone
Photographer:  Steve Hall of HedrichBlessing

Citygarden (St. Louis, MO) Photographer: Steve Hall of HedrichBlessing
Citygarden (St. Louis, MO) Photographer: Steve Hall of HedrichBlessing

Showcase: Fairmont Hotel March 18, 2015 15:08

Fairmont Hotel

The Project
Working with Grotto Wine Cellars of California, the world-renowned Fairmont Hotel in Chicago has upgraded its wine bar with a custom white-oak wine cabinet lined with more than just Merlot and Beaujolais; illuminating the cabinet from within are hundreds of LEDs provided by LED Waves. The elegant cabinet looks astounding up-close and from across the room, inside and out.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the LED lighting that lines the inside of this grand wine cabinet was chosen for practical reasons as well. Because they are so efficient, LEDs do not radiate heat, ensuring a consistent low temperature of the wine. They also do not emit any ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which adversely affects wine's composition. And of course, they will last for years, consuming a mere fraction of what traditional lights consume.

LED Waves' Involvement
Working with lighting designer Johnson Light Studio, we provided Grotto Wine Cellars with custom lengths of the LED Amazon Outdoor Flexible Strip that soak the cabinet's oak with in a warm, inviting opalescence that would entice even Bacchus, the Roman God of Wine, himself. Not too bright, not too dim; the purity and color balance of the Amazon's gentle illumination bathes the bounteous bottles of high-class wine in an alluring glow that won't affect their taste or temperature. A match made in hospitality heaven!

Products Used
  • Amazon Waterproof Flexible LED Light Strip


Showcase: Healthkiosk Life-Enhancing Diagnostic Kiosk March 18, 2015 15:00

Showcase: Healthkiosk® Life-Enhancing Diagnostic Kiosk
Phoenix Kiosk, Inc.
Tempe, AZ

The Project
When your specialist is 3,000 miles away, Healthkiosk® will bridge the medical divide. Phoenix Kiosk’s Secure Medical Healthkiosk® is a self-service diagnostic tool designed to enable a remotely stationed health care provider to interact with and collect data from a patient.
The fully-enclosed Healthkiosk®, a swiss-army knife of high-tech medical apparati, is a fully functioning video conferencing station integrated with flat-screen panels, microphones, and a high-speed, high-definition camera, as well as a variety of diagnostic health tools.
For a comprehensive snapshot of a patient’s health, the Healthkiosk® engineers found an unobtrusive and therapeutic light source — lambent and lustrous LED Recessed Lights from LED Waves.

LED Waves’ Involvement
We provided Phoenix Kiosk, Inc. with our exclusive LED recessed lights. The clean quality of light simultaneously soothes patients’ senses and emboldens them into the optimal state for vital sign diagnosis.
The Midtown is built with 3 Cree XB-D LEDs, enabling each 9 Watt fixture to deliver high efficacy at line voltage (483 lumens at 4000K). With a rotating head for manual beam control, the silver finished Midtowns seamlessly melded into Healthkiosk’s® futuristic environment.
Whether illuminating patients’ smiles or re-setting their senses, LED Waves’ Midtown LED Recessed Lights are just what the doctor — and Phoenix Kiosk — ordered.

Products Used
  • Midtown LED Recessed Light (silver finish, neutral white)

Each 3-Watt LED Recess Light is endowed with 12 LEDs of illumination integrated in an aluminum alloy 1x4 design for 1200 lumens in warm light and 1800 lumens in cool light.

For a comprehensive snapshot of a patient’s health, Healthkiosk’s® engineers found an unobtrusive and therapeutic light source – lambent and lustrous Recess Lights courtesy of LED Waves.

Showcase: 69th Regiment Armory March 18, 2015 14:42

69th Regiment Armory
New York, NY

The Project
The 69th Regiment Armory, located at 68 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York is a historical building completed in 1906, and still houses the National Guard’s “Fighting Sixth-Ninth”. The building, which was declared a Historic National Landmark in 1965, extends the full length the block along Lexington Avenue, and features a brick façade with a limestone trim, and a sculptured winged eagle forming the keystone of the Armory’s entry arch.
Today serving as a training center for the 69th Regiment, the 31,000-square-foot Armory was host to a number of New York Knicks home games from 1946 to 1960. The Armory’s Museum pays tribute to the Regiment’s infantry men of yesteryear, re-telling the traditions and symbols of an Irish heritage unit known for its continuous length of service.

LED Waves’ Involvement
Working closely with designer Pete St. John, LED Waves provided the museum with LED flexible track lighting kits and low volt MR16 LED light bulbs. Pete St. John used noble, metallic styling for the patriotic display cabinets to sheath the Fighting Sixty-Ninth’s lineage in bright, battle-winning beams.
Whether illuminating a crisp, authentic uniform or a wall of triumphs by valiant Regiment heroes, the Museum’s glass displays are now protected from darkness by victorious and efficient track lights from LED Waves!

Products Used
  • Alpha Flex II LED Track Lighting Kit

Showcase: Our PAR38 LED Bulbs used at Bigelow Tea's Facilities March 18, 2015 14:32

Bigelow Tea's Fairfield facility
Fairfield, CT

The Project
Bigelow Tea (R.C. Bigelow, Inc.) has produced quality teas since 1945. Based in Fairfield CT, Bigelow Tea takes pride in its family heritage and its successful growth into one of the nation's leading producers of Green Tea, Decaf Tea, Herbal Tea, Flavored Tea and specialty teas. Today, in addition to its flagship Constant Comment Tea, Bigelow Tea offers a wide variety of green tea, iced tea, and gourmet teas, everything from black tea, flavored tea, green tea, herbal tea, decaffeinated tea, iced tea, and loose tea, along with tea gift baskets, tea chests and tea accessories.
Now that Bigelow Tea's Fairfield facility truck docks are using PAR38 LED light bulbs; they report:

We are quite happy with the energy savings and light intensity. The 60° angle allows for us to better see the entrance of the truck as well as the far end.

Products Used
  • PAR38 LED Light Bulb (cool white, 60°)

LED PAR38 bulbs used at Bigelow Tea's Fairfield facility truck docks:

This photo was taken without a flash that shows the lighting provided in a 53 feet-long truck.  It fully illuminates the sides of the trailer and to the end of it as well:

Showcase: Hair, Thair and Everywhair March 18, 2015 14:06

As you can see from the photos, this salon has a modern-yet-funky “loft” feel, with mid-century fixtures and colorful art as accents in an otherwise fairly spare space. To augment the nicely balanced feel of openness and intimacy, our 12v LED cable lighting was used to combine warm, diffuse lighting with cool, narrowly focused units. This unobtrusive solution allowed for both ambient and task lighting — an important consideration in a hair salon, where atmosphere must be balanced with safety.

Kudos also goes to our client for their own design and execution on this gorgeous and intelligent solution.

Products Used
  • LED Star Cable Lighting System
  • MR16 LED light bulbs
  • The Parlor Website (



Showcase: Top Kitchen with LED Waves March 17, 2015 13:07

The Project

The Project At the intersection of Low Energy Avenue and Bright Boulevard in Eco-Ville, U.S., a green-minded homeowner found a flexible and graceful solution to his kitchen down-lighting needs: LED PAR replacements.
He was gracious enough to send us an e-mail of his experience with solid state lighting, along with pictures of his new LED-lit kitchen:

I recently ordered 2 of the Cree LED PAR20 bulbs (Warm White, 40°). I have been looking for a replacement for my halogen bulbs for the past several years. I tried CFLs but they were too long. I also tried the non-Cree LED array bulbs but they were just not bright enough. This bulb is great! Here are some pics from my kitchen, where I am now using 20 of your LED bulbs in place of the halogens in the ceiling can (recessed) fixtures.

Products Used
PAR20 LED Light Bulbs (Warm White, 40°)

Showcase: Outdoor LED Floods for the Home March 17, 2015 13:03

Maplewood, OH

The Project
Some customers find the Owl™ Outdoor LED Wall Pack while specifically searching for American-made LED flood lights – and LED Waves is proud to bear that distinction!

Such is the case for this Ohio family that has four different types of Owl Packs installed along the exterior of their new home. 50 and 70 Watt units illuminate the backs of the house and the garage, and 100 Watt floods shine on the other sides. A single 200 Watt Owl Pack lights up the front of the house, which overlooks a large pond.

The family happily notes the instantaneous start-up time (even in chilly 7 degree weather) and the fact that the Owl Packs have turned out to be more than just the security lighting they initially wanted: We haven’t had to use them for security yet, and hope to never have to, but the front is used nearly every night to assist in walking the dogs around the 1+ acre pond. These were purchased later in the year, but we did get the chance to use them for a few pond parties that went late into the night.LED Waves is pleased to hear that the Owl Pack has provided nighttime safety lighting for their furry friends - and played a part in the family’s outdoor hootenannies.

Products Used
  • Owl Outdoor LED Wall Packs (50 Watt, 70 Watt, 100 Watt, 200 Watt)

Showcase: Lofty Lights, Less Ladders March 17, 2015 10:27

Sometimes, it's easier to just let our clients do the talking:

Before installation:
"I’m installing [the bulbs] on my loft’s ceiling... it is about 22 feet high, so I definitely need something that won’t require frequent changing. I chose your bulbs because it was hard to find a quality high wattage bulb (I want as much light as possible). I really look forward to receiving the bulbs and seeing how they work out."

"Just wanted to let you know my LED lights were installed yesterday — they look awesome! I’m really impressed by the amount of light they give off, and I could tell they are extremely high quality. They’re absolutely perfect. My loft is so much brighter now! Attached are a couple of pictures of their application. I’m SO happy I won’t be needing to change these lights for years to come."

Products Used
PAR38 LED light bulbs