Showcase: Ice Center at Cupertino March 18, 2015 16:43

Ice Center at Cupertino
Cupertino, CA

The Project
At the Ice Center at Cupertino, blades of steel glide over paved ice as children and adults alike enjoy the wide-open thrill of an Olympic-sized skating venue. The largest skating school in the San Francisco Bay Area, students can start in the Center's Introductory Class and progress through Freestyle levels. For a more personalized experience, private lessons by world-class instructors can transform novice skaters into pirouetting ice princesses.
In the spirit of competition, year-round puck action rumbles rink boards as the Ice Center buzzes with ice hockey games for in-house and travel teams.

LED Waves' Involvement
We provided the Ice Center at Cupertino with powerful LED streetlights that illuminate the skating venue's outdoor stairwell with the grace and vibrance of a thousand stars on ice. The high-traffic zone now scores a perfect 6.0 for safety, with each individual LED lamp shining 12,600 outstanding lumens onto every step and crevice of the stairway.
The heatless streetlights won't melt this ice party, as the energy efficient lights conserve kilowatts while preventing injuries by equipment-decked patrons!