Showcase: krem March 18, 2015 16:25

Chicago, IL

The Project
Club designers Ben Galatz, Mike Bowen, and Zachary Armintrout set out to create the crème de la crème of hip lounges, and that they did. krem injects a cool blast of frosted futurism to trendy North Clark Street near Chicago’s north shore. Their vision: Chill with your cocktail on krem’s low, white modern leather sofas that glow-in-the-dark under icy blue LED neon lights. Get funky on the dance floor as the club’s energy-master DJ spins electronica or hip-hop, then drop by krem’s handy champagne bar where complementary handmade truffles accompany every order! Finally, when you need a breather, sink onto krem’s 32-foot long lounge bed and you’ll swear you are floating on a snow-white raft in a neon blue sea.

LED Waves' Involvement
We helped create the futuristic, late-night wonderland that is krem by advising and providing the colors and lengths of 120 volt LED rope lighting specified by club’s designers. Threads of scintillating LEDs bounce frosty blue hues from corners, columns, and sofas. Ambient white strands of LED light wrap around krem’s shiny, navy blue bar, a refreshing retreat for diehard Chicago night-owls who are now even more eclectic and electric thanks to LED Waves!