Showcase: Americas Restaurant March 19, 2015 10:43

Americas Restaurant
Houston, TX

Americas Restaurant is a world-class, multi-level restaurant whose interiors - designed collaboratively by Chicago architect Jordan Mozer, Sun Hee Lim of Johnson Light Studio, and Elise N. Lee of Studio GAIA - borrow elements and colors from Incan artifacts and mythology. Stone-like walls resemble the mythical mountains of Machu Picchu while natural elements of slate, marble, and mesquite are integrated seamlessly into the general interior decor. The menu is every bit as adventurous, drawing on the foods and cooking techniques of North, Central, and South America to create one New World Cuisine!

LED Waves’ Involvement
Lighting designer Sun Hee Lim wanted to establish a sizzling atmosphere that uniquely and effectively reflects the vivacity of Americas' menu. We provided line voltage neon LED rope lights to be used throughout the dining area. As the adjacent photographs show, Lim’s choice has indeed established. And considering that the colorful LEDs inside can work for up to 100,000 hours while using a small fraction of the energy consumed by inefficient alternatives, the neon LED rope light is a win-win for Americas Restaurant!

  • Lighting Designer: Sun Hee Lim, Johnson Light Studio
  • Interior Designer: Elise N. Lee (Studio GAIA)

Red LED neon light used under seating area

Red LED neon light used under the table