Showcase: Citygarden (St. Louis, MO) March 18, 2015 15:38

St. Louis, MO

Citygarden (St. Louis, MO) Photographer: Steve Hall of HedrichBlessing
We are delighted to play a small part in the creation of Citygarden, a beautiful garden project that will augment the great city of St. Louis for generations to come, providing its citizens with a gorgeous place to relax and enjoy the fine arts, right in the heart of downtown.

Here is how landscape architects Nelson Byrd Woltz describe the project on their website:

“Citygarden is a three-acre, two block sculpture garden that opened to the public on July 1, 2009. Donated by the Gateway Foundation to the City of St. Louis, the Garden is free and open to the public at all hours, unbound by perimeter fences or gates, and contains no signs prohibiting the touching of sculpture.

The design derives from the cultural and natural histories of St. Louis and its environs. Acknowledging its position in the heart of the Gateway Mall a few blocks west of the noble Arch and the Mississippi River, the Garden is structured in three precincts delineated by two walls. The northern precinct represents the river bluffs and is most urban in character. The café is located here. The middle precinct represents the low floodplain. The southern precinct represents the cultivated river terraces with its lush gardens. The most pronounced design gesture is a 550-foot long arcing wall of Missouri limestone that defines the edge between the urban precinct and the grassy ‘floodplain’. Evoking the geologically expressive bends and bluffs of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, the wall is constructed of 1200 blocks of locally quarried stone. More information here: Joint venture with Studio | Durham Architects, St. Louis, MO.”

LED Waves’ Involvement
LED string lights are ideal for this kind of application, since they last for years (even in the fairly extreme St. Louis weather) and use very little electricity. They are also lighter than traditional string lights and look great as an accent for treescapes. We furnished both custom color and custom length to decorate a total of 22 trees. Lighting designer Fisher Marantz Stone used 15-foot runs for each of the 22 tree trunks and a total of 76 10-foot runs for branches. The color temperature was set for a 3500K~4000K range to balance warmth and optimize lumens.

We heartily recommend that you check out the project page on the Nelson Byrd Woltz site; there are some amazing photos, some of them showing the famous Arch in the background. Here is a picture of our contribution – the LED string lights on the trees in the background.

Designer:  Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects
Architecture:  Studio Durham Architects
Lighting Design:  Fisher Marantz Stone
Photographer:  Steve Hall of HedrichBlessing

Citygarden (St. Louis, MO) Photographer: Steve Hall of HedrichBlessing
Citygarden (St. Louis, MO) Photographer: Steve Hall of HedrichBlessing