Showcase: Michael Mina's Clock Bar March 19, 2015 10:44

Michael Mina’s Clock Bar
San Francisco, CA

The Project
Clock Bar, celebrity chef Michael Mina’s latest San Francisco venture, chimes grandly across the street from his eponymous restaurant in Westin St. Francis. The recipient of Bon Appetit’s 2005 Chef of the Year Award, Mina has lavished Clock Bar with the timeless contours of a world class timepiece and the neo-mod sophistication of a hip lounge. Chic guests nosh on decadent “finger” fare such as black truffle popcorn and Mina’s famous tune tartare as they recline on plush leather-tuffeted chesterfield couches.
Two softly glowing columns made from hand-blown glass add a luminous elegance to a room adorned with clockwork grooves, art deco vents, and digital rotating timepieces. At the bar, droplet lights dangle from a striped ceiling like black tics on a colossal grandfather clock as world class mixologists concoct cocktails with Mina’s signature whimsical flair!

LED Waves' Involvement
Working with designer Johnson Light Studio, we supplied Michael Mina’s Clock Bar with color-changing flexible LED strips that wrap a warm halo of cove lighting around the lounge’s striated ceiling. Vertical LED light strips add more sizzle under the lounge’s polished bar counter.

Warm white Amazon Waterproof strip lights glow next to mirrors and cherrywood panels, accentuating arching rosewood shelves behind the eclectic bar.

Products Used

  • RGB Flexible Water-proof LED Strip Light
  • Amazon Waterproof LED Light Strip (warm white)
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