Showcase: Fairmont Hotel March 18, 2015 15:08

Fairmont Hotel

The Project
Working with Grotto Wine Cellars of California, the world-renowned Fairmont Hotel in Chicago has upgraded its wine bar with a custom white-oak wine cabinet lined with more than just Merlot and Beaujolais; illuminating the cabinet from within are hundreds of LEDs provided by LED Waves. The elegant cabinet looks astounding up-close and from across the room, inside and out.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the LED lighting that lines the inside of this grand wine cabinet was chosen for practical reasons as well. Because they are so efficient, LEDs do not radiate heat, ensuring a consistent low temperature of the wine. They also do not emit any ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which adversely affects wine's composition. And of course, they will last for years, consuming a mere fraction of what traditional lights consume.

LED Waves' Involvement
Working with lighting designer Johnson Light Studio, we provided Grotto Wine Cellars with custom lengths of the LED Amazon Outdoor Flexible Strip that soak the cabinet's oak with in a warm, inviting opalescence that would entice even Bacchus, the Roman God of Wine, himself. Not too bright, not too dim; the purity and color balance of the Amazon's gentle illumination bathes the bounteous bottles of high-class wine in an alluring glow that won't affect their taste or temperature. A match made in hospitality heaven!

Products Used
  • Amazon Waterproof Flexible LED Light Strip