Showcase: 69th Regiment Armory March 18, 2015 14:42

69th Regiment Armory
New York, NY

The Project
The 69th Regiment Armory, located at 68 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York is a historical building completed in 1906, and still houses the National Guard’s “Fighting Sixth-Ninth”. The building, which was declared a Historic National Landmark in 1965, extends the full length the block along Lexington Avenue, and features a brick façade with a limestone trim, and a sculptured winged eagle forming the keystone of the Armory’s entry arch.
Today serving as a training center for the 69th Regiment, the 31,000-square-foot Armory was host to a number of New York Knicks home games from 1946 to 1960. The Armory’s Museum pays tribute to the Regiment’s infantry men of yesteryear, re-telling the traditions and symbols of an Irish heritage unit known for its continuous length of service.

LED Waves’ Involvement
Working closely with designer Pete St. John, LED Waves provided the museum with LED flexible track lighting kits and low volt MR16 LED light bulbs. Pete St. John used noble, metallic styling for the patriotic display cabinets to sheath the Fighting Sixty-Ninth’s lineage in bright, battle-winning beams.
Whether illuminating a crisp, authentic uniform or a wall of triumphs by valiant Regiment heroes, the Museum’s glass displays are now protected from darkness by victorious and efficient track lights from LED Waves!

Products Used
  • Alpha Flex II LED Track Lighting Kit