Showcase: Zen Garage March 19, 2015 10:46

Zen Garage
Paradise Valley, AZ

The Project
For his 60th birthday, homeowner Allen Sunderman dreamed of a peaceful, contemplative haven in which to enjoy his cars. GarageMahals (builders of custom luxury garages; based in Scottsdale, AZ) worked with him to create this modern monastery. In a balance that could be described as “Now and Zen,” the 900 square foot garage now houses an entertaining area (featuring a flat screen television and Eastern artwork) and a kitchenette - in addition to Sunderman’s three cars.

LED Waves’ Involvement
We provided some discrete LED lighting solutions to help GarageMahals’ Michael carry out his design philosophy that “Nothing is seen, but what is meant to be seen.”
The ceilings are dotted with Midtown LED Recessed Lights. These low-profile downlights, specified in 4000K, produce high brightness with minimal glare. The gentle glow accentuates the curves and colors of Sunderman’s prized vehicles.
Spools of LED Waves’ Rio Grande LED light strips line the Eastern-inspired stonework in the kitchen area. The brightness of these accent lights can be changed using a DMX controller.
Despite the size and scope of LED lighting technology used, this project didn’t break the bank: It came out as the most modestly priced entry in the Wall Street Journal’s roundup covering a growing trend of luxury garages. Sunderman’s was also the only garage constructed without resale value in mind; he plans to enjoy this tranquil space himself for years to come, thanks in part to long-lasting LEDs.
Automotives may seem incongruent with Zen philosophy, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive for this birthday wish come true.

Products Used
Midtown LED Recessed Light
Rio Grande Waterproof High Power LED Strip Light