Showcase: MCI Warehouse December 14, 2016 10:14

MCI Warehouse
Beaver, WV

The Project
MCI is an energy provider with operations based in Beaver, West Virginia. Their sprawling mixed-use industrial facility employed high pressure sodium high bay lights installed along the ceiling. This ballasted lighting technology is notorious for low color rendering (CRI 30) and overall poor visibility, as you can see in these orange-hued installation photos. At 400 Watts per unit, these high bays made for high electric bills! In addition, the average operating life of one year per unit, combined with the scaffolding and skilled labor required to access the burnt-out fixtures along the facility’s tall ceilings, contributed to extremely high relamping costs.

LED Waves’ Involvement
We swapped out the old HPS lights in MCI’s warehouse with the Andromeda XM-L LED high bay. These rugged replacements are made in the USA using Cree XM-L chips - designed to boost efficacy at the high drive currents (277VAC) used by MCI and other facilities in the industrial sector. Each unit is supported by the CNC extruded aluminum heat sink we designed for the Andromeda.

Thanks to our LED high bay, the lighting electric bills for this facility have been cut in half! Each Andromeda uses less than half the Wattage (189 Watts) of the existing HPS high bay. And since LED technology is directional, the Andromeda actually transmits more useful light to the workspace below. This takes the efficiency of high bay replacements to the next level.

MCI warehouse employees were quick to notice the vastly superior color rendering and overall quality of light, as evidenced in the bright, clean white beams in these un-retouched After pictures. The facility managers are sure to appreciate the extremely long operating life of each unit backed by LED Waves’ 5 year warranty.

Products Used

  • Andromeda XM-L LED High Bay (40-LED array, 5700K)

Before the installation:
Before installing Andromeda LED High Bay units

After the installation: