Showcase: Hilfman Music March 19, 2015 10:44

Hilfman Music
Topanga, California

 California-based musician Greg Hilfman has collaborated with a long list of notable figures, including the Bangles, Air Supply, Bette Midler – and, recently, LED Waves! Our LED Specialist (and fellow music enthusiast) James was eager to provide overhead lighting for the newly built Hilfman Music Studio.

The 800 square foot space features modern architecture rendered in natural materials to create a cozy yet contemporary bohemian atmosphere. Unfinished wood beams, glass and stone tiles complement Hilfman’s state of the art recording equipment and LED lighting system, in a stunning marriage of old and new.

The ceiling posed a bit of a challenge, with its pitched roof and the addition of overhead sound proofing. Flex II LED track lighting to the rescue! Hilfman suspended the flexible track from the ceiling and positioned the LED fixtures to weave beams of light around and between the sound proof boards. A few custom cut ceiling stems offer an effortless workaround for the pitched ceilings.

In the interest of preserving the beautiful wood ceilings, this entire LED track lighting system is surface mounted – including the decorative power supply, installed on a nearby wall. The track can be reshaped into different new configurations, and the light fixtures themselves may be repositioned as desired. Combined with the 50,000 hour lifespan of the LED bulbs, this lighting system will meet the changing needs of Hilfman Music for years to come. Long live rock & roll!

Credits: Hilfman Music

Products Used


  • Flex II LED Track Lighting Kits (assorted fixtures)
  • Decorative LED Transformer
  • Pitched Ceiling Stems