Showcase: Top Kitchen with LED Waves March 17, 2015 13:07

The Project

The Project At the intersection of Low Energy Avenue and Bright Boulevard in Eco-Ville, U.S., a green-minded homeowner found a flexible and graceful solution to his kitchen down-lighting needs: LED PAR replacements.
He was gracious enough to send us an e-mail of his experience with solid state lighting, along with pictures of his new LED-lit kitchen:

I recently ordered 2 of the Cree LED PAR20 bulbs (Warm White, 40°). I have been looking for a replacement for my halogen bulbs for the past several years. I tried CFLs but they were too long. I also tried the non-Cree LED array bulbs but they were just not bright enough. This bulb is great! Here are some pics from my kitchen, where I am now using 20 of your LED bulbs in place of the halogens in the ceiling can (recessed) fixtures.

Products Used
PAR20 LED Light Bulbs (Warm White, 40°)