Showcase: Outdoor LED Floods for the Home March 17, 2015 13:03

Maplewood, OH

The Project
Some customers find the Owl™ Outdoor LED Wall Pack while specifically searching for American-made LED flood lights – and LED Waves is proud to bear that distinction!

Such is the case for this Ohio family that has four different types of Owl Packs installed along the exterior of their new home. 50 and 70 Watt units illuminate the backs of the house and the garage, and 100 Watt floods shine on the other sides. A single 200 Watt Owl Pack lights up the front of the house, which overlooks a large pond.

The family happily notes the instantaneous start-up time (even in chilly 7 degree weather) and the fact that the Owl Packs have turned out to be more than just the security lighting they initially wanted: We haven’t had to use them for security yet, and hope to never have to, but the front is used nearly every night to assist in walking the dogs around the 1+ acre pond. These were purchased later in the year, but we did get the chance to use them for a few pond parties that went late into the night.LED Waves is pleased to hear that the Owl Pack has provided nighttime safety lighting for their furry friends - and played a part in the family’s outdoor hootenannies.

Products Used
  • Owl Outdoor LED Wall Packs (50 Watt, 70 Watt, 100 Watt, 200 Watt)