Showcase: Lofty Lights, Less Ladders March 17, 2015 10:27

Sometimes, it's easier to just let our clients do the talking:

Before installation:
"I’m installing [the bulbs] on my loft’s ceiling... it is about 22 feet high, so I definitely need something that won’t require frequent changing. I chose your bulbs because it was hard to find a quality high wattage bulb (I want as much light as possible). I really look forward to receiving the bulbs and seeing how they work out."

"Just wanted to let you know my LED lights were installed yesterday — they look awesome! I’m really impressed by the amount of light they give off, and I could tell they are extremely high quality. They’re absolutely perfect. My loft is so much brighter now! Attached are a couple of pictures of their application. I’m SO happy I won’t be needing to change these lights for years to come."

Products Used
PAR38 LED light bulbs