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Owl Outdoor LED Wall Pack   New York 3.0 PAR38 LED Light Bulb   Andromeda LED High Bay   Midtown LED Recessed Light
Owl Outdoor
LED Wall Pack

Our new range of waterproof LED flood lights are a bright, dependable, energy-saving solution for any building exterior.

  New York 3.0 PAR38
LED Light Bulb

A powerful 20 Watt LED replacement for a 175 Watt halogen spotlight.
LED High Bay

Customize your high bay with new options. Now with DOE LED Lighting Facts.
  Midtown 2.0
LED Recessed Light

A powerful LED recessed light fixture, low-profile enough for a wide range of installations.
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Trade Show Schedule
2014 LED Waves trade show schedule.
  Visit our showroom in NYC!
See our LED lights in action and speak to friendly experts about the latest LED lighting technology.
LED Waves showcase.
  LED Bulb Saving Calculator
Calculate your savings by switching to the LED bulbs from incandescent bulbs.
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