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LED Fluorescent Replacement

LED Fluorescent Replacement
LED T8 tubes are replacing fluorescent lights in homes and workplaces everywhere! With longer operating life, increased lumen maintenance, and zero mercury, energy efficient LEDs are emerging as the safest, most low-maintenance lighting solution over fluorescent fixtures. Installation is simple; each LED tube includes a bundled driver that replaces the ballast in your ceiling or low bay fixture.
The Genesys LED T8 series is available 4 foot lengths (48”) – ideal for using in multiples for troffers and low bays. Call us to special order 2 foot versions.

Replace your fluorescent technology with LED lighting and enjoy:
  • Up to 50% less energy usage
  • Instant on (no warm-up time)
  • No deterioration from rapid on-off cycles
  • Zero light waste / more useful lumens
  • Sturdy, solid-state construction - no glass, mercury or other toxic chemicals!
  • Avg. 50,000-hour lifetime (min. 70% lumen maintenance) over 6,000-15,000-hour fluorescent
  • No flickering or change in light quality as the lamp reaches the end of its useful life
Our LED T8 tubes are made in the USA and come with our 5 year warranty.


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Genesys 3.0 LED T8 Tube (4 feet)
Genesys 3.0 LED T8 Tube (4 feet)
• Light output: up to 2,500 lumens
• Longer lasting — Never replace a tube again!
• Comes with an LED driver
• Made in the USA / 5 year warranty